Iran Euro petrol output at 91ml/d

SHANA – A senior Iranian energy official said that the country’s petrol output that meets Euro qualities stood at 91 million liters per day.

Alireza Sadiqabadi, the CEO of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC), said that Iran’s gasoil output would also reach 73 ml/d by March 2020.

Addressing a specialized panel at the 5th Oil and Power Congress on Wednesday, he said Persian Gulf Star Refinery’s petrol output stood at 45 million liters per day which met Euro-5 qualifications that require a sulfur content of up to 50 ppm.

He said the petrol produced in the facility had only 0.5 ppm of sulfur which was way lower than Euro-5 standard and when blended with the petrol produced in other refineries reached 24.5 ppm which is still lower than Euro-5 standard.

The official said that currently Imam Khomeini Shazand Refinery produced an average of 17 million liters of euro petrol per day, Isfahan Refinery 12 ml/d, Bandar Abbas Refinery 12 ml/d and Tabriz Refinery 3 ml/d.

In total, including the Persian Gulf Star Refinery, there are 91 million liters of Euro quality petrol produced in the country on a daily basis, which is perfectly standard in terms of emissions (olefins, aromatics, benzene and sulfur), he said.

Deputy Minister of Petroleum for Refining and Distribution Petroleum Products said that 28 ml/d of Euro gasoil was being produced in Isfahan, Imam Khomeini (RA) Shazand and Tehran refineries with a minimum sulfur content which was previously over 10,000 ppm until very recent years.

According to Sadiqabadi, by increasing the level of Euro gasoil production at Persian Gulf Star Refinery to 15 ml/d (with about 4 ppm) and 20 ml/d at Isfahan Refinery by the end of the current calendar year, which began on March 21, the amount of Euro gasoil produced (with less than 10 ppm sulfur content) in the country will reach 73 million liters per day.