Iran slams US congressional bill on Hong Kong

Tasnim – Iran’s Foreign Ministry denounced a bill recently passed by the US Congress’ committee on Foreign Relations about Hong Kong as brazen interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

In a statement on Monday, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Abbas Mousavi denounced the rude move by the US Congress’ committee to approve a bill on democracy and human rights in Hong Kong.

“This was not the first move by the US’ regime and its Congress in such cases. The Islamic Republic of Iran deems such measures a clear example of interference in the internal affairs of (other) countries and condemns it,” he deplored.

“International laws strongly prohibit meddling in the internal affairs of countries. Sadly, the repetition of such a conduct by the US regime has turned into an instrument for destabilizing the countries,” Mousavi added.

“The right to protest is a right of citizens that could be exercised without any foreign meddling and within the framework of law and public order,” he stated.
China’s Foreign Ministry has already sent a note of protest to the US following approval of the congressional bill, urging the American lawmakers to immediately drop it.

The US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations approved the legislation on human rights and democracy in Hong Kong on September 25. The document will require that US president annually provide assessments on situation in Hong Kong to the Congress, as well as introduce sanctions against people the White House deems responsible for violating rights of activists in this special administrative region of China.