Spox says French involvement in case of Iranian nationals has no legal validity

IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi described the French Foreign Ministry’s meddling in the case of Iranian nationals as irrelevant and without legal validity, adding that not only these measures will not help resolve the issue, it will also complicate the judicial process.

Responding to the French Foreign Ministry spokesman’s interfering remarks regarding an Iranian national, Mousavi highlighted that dual citizenship of Iranian nationals is not recognized under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and therefore, Ms. Adelkhah is an Iranian citizen and as an Iranian, she enjoys all the citizenship rights known to Iranian nationals.

Mousavi emphasized that the case of Ms. Adelkhah is being addressed carefully by the Judiciary within the framework of the country’s fair legal procedures, calling the French Foreign Ministry’s meddling in the Iranian nationals as irrelevant and with no legal validity.

This action will not only not help resolve the issue but it will also make the process more complicated.

The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry described the move as an interference in the internal affairs Iran and called it unacceptable.

France’s foreign ministry on Thursday demanded Iran release French-Iranian national Fariba Adelkhah.

“It is vital and urgent for the Iranian authorities to be transparent in this case as well as for all cases of foreign nationals arrested in Iran,” French Foreign ministry spokeswoman Agnes von der Muhll told reporters in a daily online briefing.