Zarif: Macron’s 4-point plan requires further negotiations

IRNA – The Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday that Iran’s stance on French President Emmanuel Macron’s four-point plan has not been reflected correctly, requiring further precise negotiations.

Speaking to reporters at the end of a Cabinet Session, Mohammad Javad Zarif said: “As the Iranian president said, efforts by Europeans, especially the French president, in the course of the UN General Assembly was moving forward. They had progressive movements, But in the wake of these efforts, Trump in his speech in the United Nations General Assembly officially announced that he has no intention of reducing the sanctions and wants to increase the sanctions.

Zarif said that Trump’s words were exactly the opposite of what the Europeans were saying they were prepared to lift the sanctions, saying that more needed to be done and that Trump was committed to what he said to the Europeans at a private meeting. Or what it does. This debate continues with the Europeans.

“The 4-point plan Macron has given is a plan in their language that does not contain our views. We have made it very clear that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not seek nuclear weapons.”

On the other hand, President Rouhani presented the initiative of Hormuz Peace Endeavor (HOPE) to the UN General Assembly, indicating that since the first letter Iran sent to the UN Secretary-General on Persian Gulf security on 1985, Iran has always sought the Persian Gulf security ever since. So far, Iran has always sought the Persian Gulf security and security of shipping in the Persian Gulf and others have prevented this.

*** If the Europeans fail to fulfill their obligations, we will take action

Referring to the efforts of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in this regard, the Iranian foreign minister said: “Our efforts will continue in different directions, while we are firm in our viewpoints that we will pursue our actions if the Europeans do not fulfill their obligations.”

Asked whether Saudi Arabia has shown a green light to negotiate with Iran, Zarif said: “We have always said that we are seeking agreement with our neighbors and we do not want tensions.” If the Saudi government realizes that by not acquiring arms and transferring its sovereignty to others, it cannot reach security and move toward the region, it will surely face an open embrace by Iran.