Iran: Owner-occupancy declines as rented housing doubles

Financial Tribune – A new report has drawn on the data released by the National Census and the Statistical Center of Iran to review the pace of population growth and home ownership/tenancy during a 20-year period spanning between the fiscal 1996-97 and 2016-17.

Iran’s population grew 33% during the years under review. With this growth comes the need for more housing. Overall, the number of housing units increased by 111.9% during the period, according to a report by ISNA citing the SCI data.

The percentage of people living in owner-occupied homes decreased from 73.4% in the year ending March 1997 to 60.5% in the year ending March 2017 while the percentage of people living in rented housing almost doubled from 15.4% to 30.7% during the period.

Here’s a look at how population and housing landscape have changed over the 20-year period.