UK seeking to maintain JCPOA, meet Iran, int’l community interests: Envoy

IRNA — British Ambassador to Iran Rob Macaire said on Friday that his country is still seeking to save JCPOA and create suitable conditions for talks encompassing further issues so that interests of Iran and international community will be ensured.

Releasing a film in British Embassy’s Instagram late on Friday, he referred to the past month’s incidents which have affected Tehran-London ties, saying that two days ago, British Secretary of State Dominic Raab hoped during his speech in the British parliament that Britain would be able to resume cooperation with Iran and other international partners to help ease tensions and restore trust.

“We are still seeking to maintain JCPOA” and create suitable conditions for the negotiations encompassing further issues so that Iran and international community’s interests will be ensured, “but attacking tankers in Sea of Oman, disrupting shipping in the Persian Gulf international waters and invasion on Saudi Arabia oil facilities” have made reaching the goal more difficult, he said.

Britain is cooperating with its partners to support international shipping and encourage regional players, including Iran to take steps in line with easing tensions and based on primary international regulations, he said.

The British envoy made the remarks at a time when his respective government kept tanker carrying Iran’s oil in seizure for two months, a move running counter to free shipping.

Noting that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has underlined his country’s commitment to JCPOA in New York this week, Macaire pointed out, “We have made extensive efforts to promote cooperation with the European partners and Iran to support trade with Iran and reduce impacts of sanctions.”

“We are aware of the difficult economic conditions in Iran, but if JCPOA is due to be in place, Iran should take back the steps it has taken earlier and fully abide by the JCPOA again,” he said.

“We believe that talks have priority over pressure and isolation in the settlement of the international disputes, though Iran and Britain have different stances in most of the international issues,” he said, noting that Britain will continue cooperation with Iran via diplomatic means to help solve differences and boost collaboration in trade, migration affairs, visa issuance and academic communications.

British ambassador made the statements at a time when his country refused to comply with its commitments under the JCPOA following US withdrawal from the deal and re-imposing unilateral sanctions against Iran.

Meanwhile, the UK took steps in line with US desires when it seized the tanker carrying Iranian oil in Gibraltar.

Under such conditions, actions such as joining US anti-Iran maritime coalition and making irresponsible statements by some British officials has seriously questioned London’s sincerity and seriousness in fulfilling its commitments.