Zarif urges countering unilateralism

IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined significance of cultural pluralism and countering unilateralism at international level.

In a meeting with foreign ministers of member states of Association of Ancient Civilizations on Wednesday, he added, “The idea that has brought us together is a very simple message but strong at the same time that ancient civilizations are important and have remarkable relations with today’s world.”

Ancient civilizations indicate diversity and various colors in human community which per se rejects hegemony of a single culture and civilization, he said, noting that tendency towards unilateralism and ideas of cultural and civilizational dominance are threats for all nations’ peace and security.

“We as the inheritors of all ancient civilizations should honor that respecting humanity is deeply rooted in our societies,” he said.

Greece, China, Bolivia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Italy, Peru and Armenia which are cradles of ancient civilizations have founded the international entity.