Rabiei says President will unveil landmark Initiative for Hormuz Peace

IRNA – Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Monday that President Hassan Rouhani will unveil landmark Initiative for Hormuz Peace at UN General Assembly to usher in collective cooperation of the Persian Gulf states to establish peace in the Persian Gulf and the international waterways.

Regarding President Rouhani’s Hormuz Peace Initiative, he said that the President will present the details of the Initiative in his speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The main purpose of the Initiative is to solve the problems of the region, to restore stability and peace in the region and the world, he said.

Iran’s insistence on safeguarding and respecting the security of the region has been on agenda of the Initiative, he added.

Rabiei said that President Rouhani’s speech will include collective cooperation to ensure security of the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz, and the Oman Sea, as well as cooperation of the regional countries to secure the interests of the people living in the region.

Answering a question about the US administration’s delay in issuing a visa for President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Zarif and visa refusal for 13 members of Iranian delegation, Rabiei said that though the US has a media empire, it has tried to limit Iran’s presence there. When they enter a war, they use all their resources.

He added that the delay and visa refusal to 13 members of the Iranian delegation was illegal. They removed Iranian media reporters from the delegation while whenever the US media want to come to Iran, they are welcomed.

They unwillingly and under the pressure of the UN issued visa for Iranian officials. It shows that they didn’t want Iran to be present in the UNGA and that the presence would be to the benefit of Iran.

“It has been years that the US has taken the UN hostage.”

Commenting on the 12 Iranian students having valid visas were denied entry to the US, he said that the issue is being pursued by the interest section of Iran in the US. These students have no political background and are not studying in any special field that may cause suspicion. The US administration is a bully and makes these decisions.

Rabiei said that Iran will not start a war but will defend itself, and that Iran has never used unconventional weaponry. Iran has respected the humanitarian values even against the enemies.

He said that Iran welcomes foreign investment in Iran and that Iran will not favor any special country in that case. There is no impediment to foreign investment.

Regarding the security of the region, he said that some countries have lost a lot of their financial resources but created a lot of insecurity in the region in a way that many people are being killed.

Rabiei said that Iran does not approve of the US policies in the Middle East and is worried about its intervention in the region, adding that Iran’s Initiative can be role models. Iran proposed “Dialog of Civilizations” and the World against Violence and Extremism (WAVE) that could create a cultural power for Iran.

He also said that Iran favors deletion of dollars from its trade and using national currencies, instead.