It is not on Rouhani’s agenda to meet Trump

IRNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Monday that it is not on the agenda of President Hassan Rouhani to meet the US president.

He made the remarks in his weekly press conference on Monday.

Mousavi said that it is not on President Rouhani’s agenda to meet president Trump and that he thinks such a meeting will not happen in New York.

Iran does not believe in meeting just for taking photos, he said, noting that a meeting should have a schedule to yield tangible results.

He said that the US needs to come back to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and stop “Economic Terrorism” against Iran, the US can take part in the JCPOA Joint Commission meeting for talks with Iran.
Referring to ambivalent remarks of Trump about Iran, Mousavi said that since Trump took power in the United States in 2016, there has always been a kind of ambivalence and confusion in the US dealing with Iran.

One cannot count on many of Trump’s remarks as they do not last even for 24 hours, the spokesman said.

Asked whether or not sacking John Bolton had a message by the US president, Mousavi said that it carried no massage to Iran.

Mousavi said that Iran has nothing to do with the reason behind firing Bolton, noting that it happened due to internal affairs of the United States.

The individuals and developments are of no importance for Iran, he said, adding that for Iran, it is their actions that count.