Iran’s suggestion to regional countries for dialog still pending: FM Spox

IRNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday that Tehran’s suggestions to the countries of the region for signing a non-aggression agreement is still pending.

Saying that the region belongs just to the people of the region and that the region’s security should just be provided by the regional countries, Abbas Mousavi added that presence of trans-regional troops in the region is the source of insecurity.

Mousavi said that Iran has always prioritized its neighbors, adding, “Although some of them have misunderstood certain issues, Iran’s doors of diplomacy are always open to them.”

Regarding media’s remarks about investments China is to make in Iran based on the comprehensive document of cooperation between Iran and China, he said that the figures and the issues reflected in the media are “not true”.

Mousavi also commented about Iraqi Shia politician Muqtada al-Sadr’s visit to Iran, and said that his visit to Iran is nothing new and he has already done that and it has no special message. He is a friend of Iran which is something valuable for the governments of Iran and Iraq.

About the freedom of the UK tanker seized in Iran, he said that the legal and judicial steps are being taken, adding that the ship is not being released due to mediation.

Answering a question about US canceling some Iranian students’ visas, Mousavi said that he had seen the news in the media and that it shows US short-sightedness.

“They talk about equal opportunity and then limit nationals of other countries, especially Iranians. This is which the US owes Iran for some of its advances,” he added.

Mousavi also said that coordination is to be discussed in the meeting and it will be a step forward for Syria.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman pointed out that all the three countries have considerations about security in Syria and move toward reducing tension while guarding the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of the country.

Regarding the “nonsense” remarks made by the prime minister of the Zionist regime, he said that what Benjamin Netanyahu said had domestic use and were aimed at winning the elections in Israel. They know it is wrong to test the wrong.