Iran English language newspaper headlines on Sunday, 15-9-2018

Iran Daily

Iran inks deal to develop gas field in Persian Gulf

Two Iranian companies signed a $440-million agreement Saturday to develop a gas field in the Persian Gulf, with the Oil Ministry saying it showed arch-foe the United States could not stop the country with sanctions.

Europe: Mounting tensions show need for dialogue with Iran

European countries backing the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran said rising tensions underline “the need for diplomatic efforts toward de-escalation and resumption of dialogue.

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe honored at state funeral, burial delayed

African heads of state joined thousands of Zimbabweans at a state funeral Saturday for Zimbabwe’s founding president Robert Mugabe whose burial has been delayed for at least a month until a special mausoleum can be built for his remains.

Yemeni drones spark fires at two Saudi Aramco oil facilities

Drone attacks sparked fires at two Saudi Aramco oil facilities on Saturday, the Interior Ministry said, the latest such assault claimed by Yemen as the energy giant prepares for a much-anticipated stock listing.

Iran condemns Canada’s sale of assets, warns of consequences

Iran said the sale of its properties in Canada as per a court ruling to compensate a group of so-called “terror victims” is an unlawful move that will have consequences for the Ottawa government if not revoked.

Vaezi: Europe cannot shirk responsibility on fight against drug trafficking

Iran’s President Chief Of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi said on Saturday the Europe cannot evade its responsibility in cooperation on fight against drug trafficking.

Science under maximum pressure in Iran

As a research scientist, Shahin Akhondzadeh is used to having his papers questioned. But last year, he received a novel reason why a journal was unable to publish his work: His nationality.

Zarif:US needs no enemies with Israel spying on White House

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif mocked the United States’ friendly ties with Israel after reports emerged last week about Israel’s spying on the White House, saying Washington needs no enemies with a spy in his allies.

Parliament speaker, top Russian MP meet in Tehran

A leading member of the Russian State Duma held a meeting with Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in Tehran on Saturday.

Tehran Times

Defense projects to be assigned to science-based companies: VP

Iran’s vice president for sci-ence and technology has said that defense projects will be assigned to science-based companies for completion.

Iran ranks 1st globally as a pocket-friendly destination: WEF

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has ranked Iran first in the world as a pocket-friendly destination.


Yemeni drones hit Aramco, world’s largest refinery in Saudi Arabia

Yemeni drones have hit two oil facilities of Saudi Arabia’s state oil giant Aramco in the country’s east, causing huge fires before dawn on Saturday.

Sunset of America’s global leadership with part-time strategists

Trump’s doctrine “America first” was created to form a new one-polar system with the leadership of the U.S. and it was based on nullifying the interests of multilateralism in regular world relations.

‘With or without Bolton’ that is not the question

The US National Security Adviser, John Bolton, was forced out from the White House last Tuesday due to, as believed, his different stances from those of Trump on issues such as the US foreign policies towards specific countries including Iran.

When Tel Aviv crosses the red lines

A review of Zionist regime’s recent actions and its military aggression against the Axis of Resistance in the region shows that these attacks and aggressions have been intensified over the recent days against Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Palestine, indicating that the Zionist regime and its allies such as U.S. have crossed the red lines.

Armenian Olympics inaugurated in Tehran

The 51st edition of the annual Armenian Olympics were inaugurated in Tehran Fri-day night.

Central bank given more authority to control foreign currency market

Heads of the three branches of govern-ment attended the 39th session of the Su-preme Council of Economic Coordination on Saturday, agreeing to give more authority to the Central Bank of Iran to control the foreign currency market.

Gibraltar chief minister says Iran has not breached law

Gibraltar’s Chief Minister Fabian Picardo said on Friday that it is difficult to say whether Iran breached international rules by selling the Grace 1 tanker oil to Syria.

Defense projects to be assigned to science-based companies: VP

Iran’s vice president for science and technology has said that defense projects will be assigned to science-based companies for completion.

Envoy: coercive sanctions obstructing regional, international peace

Iran’s first counsellor to the United Nations has said unilateral sanctions, use of force and coercion and disrespect for the international law are seriously threatening regional and global peace.