Iran strongly condemns Canada’s move in selling assets as flagrant violation of intl. law

MNA – The Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has condemned Canada’s move in selling Iranian properties as ‘illegal’ and in ‘direct contradiction with international law’.

Noting that the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran does not compromise with any government on protecting the rights of its own people, Mousavi called for the immediate restoration of those properties sold out illegally by Canadian government on Friday.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman further warned that “if this illegal decision is not revoked and the losses sustained are not compensated, the Islamic Republic of Iran will take action directly to regain its rights and the government of Canada will have to bear responsibility for all the consequences [of its action].”

According to Global News on Friday, the government of Canada has sold out two Iranian-owned buildings in Ottawa and Toronto worth $30 million and has given away the money to the victims of terrorist attacks in which Iran says has not been involved.