Iran spurns foreign intervention in Islamic countries’ affairs

MNA – Iran does not accept the interference of foreign countries in the affairs of the Muslim world, according to the Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli in Bishkek on Thursday.

“Iran does not accept the interference of foreign countries in the affairs of the Islamic world because they only seek their own gains and dividing the countries and peoples of the region is what they do,” Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said in a meeting with his Kyrgyz counterpart Colonel Kashkar Junushaliev in Bishkek on Friday.

The Iranian interior minister added that the intervention of foreign powers in any of the countries of the region has led to nothing but bloodshed, killing, plundering and the destruction of their civilization.

He stressed that Iran is by no means seeking to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, but it will stand by any country in the region that asks for help.

According to the Iranian minister, since the defeat of ISIL in Iraq and Syria, terrorists are returning to their countries and are currently laying the groundwork for causing unrest and war, especially in Afghanistan. He added that Iran is fully prepared to provide training, exchange of experiences and intelligence with regional countries in the fight against terrorism.

Rahmani Fazli further expressed Iran’s preparedness to help in the fight against drug trafficking given its vast experiences in that regard due to long shared borders with Afghanistan.

He further described Iran as the safest and most secure country in the region despite developments in neighboring countries, adding that Iran is ready to cooperate with Kyrgyzstan in the field of training and intelligence exchange to strengthen its internal security.

The Kyrgyz minister, for his part, said that his country has faced many security challenges in the post-independence period, adding that Kyrgyzstan has sought strengthening ties with regional countries, including Iran as one of the priorities of its government.

Junushaliev referred to the new security agreement with Tehran saying that it was the second of this sort since the 2016 cooperation agreement between Tehran and Bishkek on fighting narcotics.

He added that given Iran’s vast experience in combating criminal groups and international drug traffickers, deepening ties with its Iranian counterparts is of great importance to his country.

Junushaliev further pointed out that the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry is interested in setting up joint information systems, exchanging intelligence, training new methods, conducting investigations, and in particular training of military personnel in special units in cooperation with its Iranian counterpart.

Exchanging intelligence on combating international terrorist organizations, extremists and criminal groups is one of the priorities for the Kyrgyz Interior Ministry, according to the Kyrgyz minister.