Trump gains nothing from pressure policy against Iran: MP

IRNA – A member of the National Security and Foreign Policy of the Iranian Parliament said on Thursday that US President Donald Trump gained nothing from his tough policies, especially with regard to Iran, and if he goes on like this, he will be defeated in the 2020 elections.

Removal of National Security Advisor of the United States John Bolton from office is deeply related to Iran and the region in which Iran has the first say – a region a part of which is the Persian Gulf, the Arab Middle East and Afghanistan, Heshamtollah Falahatpisheh told IRNA.

According to the policy taken up by the US since a few months ago, Bolton was not to make any comments on Iran, said Falahatpisheh.

The weakening of Bolton’s anti-Iran stances and his ouster means that the US policy of pressure on Iran has failed, he said, adding that the he had already said that if Trump wants to have a little hope with Iran, he needed to remove Bolton.

“Bolton and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were like the two blades of scissors,” Falahatpisheh said, adding that Bolton had hard policies and Pompeo has soft policies and psychological war against Iran.

The lawmaker noted that now that the scissors is flawed, Pompeo may be removed as well.

Saying that shooting down the invading US drone on June 20 by Iran was a “turning point” between the US and Iran, he added after the drone was downed, the US found itself facing a regional player that has created balance in the region and made the US and its allies to talk to Tehran according to that balance.

Bolton’s sacking means that those who believed that pressure on Iran will work have failed, Falahatpisheh.

Saying that Trump knows that if he doesn’t understand the realities of the region and Iran, he will be hot water, he added when Bolton was appointed, the Zionists thought that the US’ idea of war on Iran is irreversible.

Bolton openly tried to mobilize anti-Iran terrorist groups. Now, he is gone, he said, adding that the policy defined for Pompeo is like the one defined for Bolton a couple of months ago.

Falahatpisheh also said that Bolton’s ouster should not bring optimism to Iran. Trump should know that diplomacy will return when the 915 different kinds of sanctions on Iran are removed.