Iranian official mocks John Bolton after he’s ousted from Trump’s White House

Business Insider | David Choi: An Iranian government official mocked John Bolton’s physical characteristics after the US national security adviser unceremoniously departed his White House post on Tuesday.

“Need a mustache fashion Designer? @AmbJohnBolton is free right now,” Iran’s minister of information and communications technology, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, said on Twitter.

Bolton’s 17-month tenure in the Trump administration came to a halt Tuesday after numerous reports of deepening policy divides between him and the president. Bolton’s combative views on striking a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan conflicted with those of President Donald Trump, who recently suggested brokering a now-defunct agreement with the extremist group at Camp David.

One source of Trump’s ire was his belief that Bolton or his team had leaked details of a discussion in which Trump suggested lessening a hurricane’s effect by using nuclear weapons, according to CBS News.

Bolton, an architect of the Iraq War, is known for his hawkish views — including those toward Iran. His stated goal for regime change in Iran has incensed Iranian officials.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in an April interview with Fox News, accused Bolton of “dragging the United States into a conflict.”

“I do not believe that President Trump wants to do that — I believe President Trump ran on a campaign promise of not bringing the United States into another war,” Zarif said.

Bolton’s reputation as an Iran hawk was noted by Jahromi, who previously mocked him with spliced footage of HBO’s “Chernobyl” miniseries and a White House press gaggle amid heightened tensions after the US downed an Iranian drone in July. US Marines jammed and downed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz, an act Trump characterized as a “defensive action.”

Iran denied that one of its drones was destroyed.

—MJ Azari Jahromi (@azarijahromi) July 20, 2019