How people react to Pompeo’s uncivilized tweet

IRNA – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo posted a controversial tweet two days ago which triggered angry comments from Twitter users and replies from senior diplomats across the world.

The story began when Iran announced it is taking its third step in suspending its nuclear commitments more than a year after the US unilateral exit from a hard-won multinational nuclear deal with Iran imposing unprecedented sanctions on Tehran. Iran argued that the European parties to the deal failed to honor their pledges under the deal so that Iran could benefit from the agreement.

Shortly afterwards Pompeo tweeted, “We are confident that the UK, France, and Germany – indeed, all civilized nations – will take decisive actions to stop Iran’s nuclear extortion.”

The tweet, which shows that the US officials still tend to divide countries into civilized and uncivilized to justify their hegemonic policies, was unconventional enough of a politician to receive many comments from the Twitter users.

Sara Massoumi, an Iranian journalist said in a comment that the “government of civilized nations never withdrew from multilateral deal just because they don’t like their predecessor”.

Vladimir, another Twitter user, said, “It seems that when a state begins to call itself a ‘civilized nation’ it’s getting ready to commit some villainy.”

“It’s funny to hear that from a guy whose country had rejected the #IranDeal and withdrew it last year,” Bill Smith said in another comment.

Another user asked, “When do you plan to become civilized?”

A day later, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in response to Pompeo’s tweet, said, “Do you even know what CIVILIZED means, @SecPompeo?”

“Is it sending drones over weddings to kill innocents?

Piracy on the high seas?

Maybe it’s pouring lethal weapons into a region to enable inhuman wars?

Or, is it a millennia-old nation that hasn’t attacked anyone for centuries?”

Former Ambassador of France to the United States Gérard Araud also wrote on his Twitter account that “If Iran is progressively getting out of the JCPOA, it’s because the US has withdrawn from the agreement they had negotiated and imposed sanctions in breach of it.”

Iran says it is acting under the provisions of Paragraph 36 of Iran nuclear deal which provides the country with the right to reduce its nuclear commitments as the US has withdrawn from the deal, and the other parties to it are not adhering to their commitments under the deal. Iran has however signaled readiness to return to its commitments as soon as the other signatories to the deal return to their commitments.