Tehran ready to cooperate with European capitals

IRNA – Mayor of Iran’s capital Pirouz Hanachi on Tuesday voiced the readiness of the Tehran municipality to cooperate with European capitals and metropolises with the purpose of expanding ties.

Heading a delegation, Hanachi arrived in Vienna to participate in BRIDGE for Cities 4.0 underway September 3-4.

Hanachi said that municipalities are not counted as governmental anywhere in the world. Rather, they are seen as a local government.

He said Tehran needs to use other cities’ experiences in the management of traffic, pollution and the know-how for the modern disposal of wastes.

Hanachi added that Tehran has a great deal for experience in the subway and how to connect it to other towns, but it needs to use the priceless experience of Vienna and Berlin in reducing fossil fuel use.

Hanachi is on a visit to Vienna at the invitation of, Li Yong, the director-general of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the mayor of Vienna Michael Ludwig.

Meeting with some of his counterparts from different countries and participating in expert meetings are in Hanachi’s agenda. He is also to meet some local officials of Vienna.

He will also make a visit to some civil management projects of Vienna as well. Then he will leave for Berlin to meet the city’s mayor.

The mayor of Tehran said that Vienna is a smart city with modern technologies and it has been the best city in the world in the past few years and Tehran has good infrastructures in that field.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city has made a lot of progress both in tourism and economy, he said, adding that Germany is of the pioneers in reducing fossil fuel reduction, using bicycles, and waste management.

He said the first generation of industries in Iran was established by the Germans. They want to preserve their industrial effects out of their country and Iran sees it as industrial heritage and want to preserve it, that’s why Iran is talking with the German partners to cooperate about the industries, which are mostly in Tehran and around it.