Top security official lauds Hezbollah retaliatory measure against Israeli forces

IRNA – Iran’s Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani described as an honor Lebanese Hezbollah retaliatory act against Israeli military forces.

Referring to Persian Gulf and the Levant as an area for US and Israeli regime evil acts, Shamkhani said confronting US drone aggression on Iran airspace and also punishing the Zionist regime by Hezbollah are indication of Resistance Axis’ determination to stand against threats and warmongering of those who are after destabilizing the region.

He also described Hezbollah as a noble, intelligent movement which is supported by people, saying defending interests of Lebanese people and acting based on their benefit is the pivotal approach taken by Hezbollah.

It is worth mentioning that in the wake of unrest in Lebanon common borders with the Occupied Territories and also Hezbollah missile attack, the Israeli regime asked Zionist settlers to go to shelters.

Earlier some media reported that Hezbollah targeted an Israeli military car in northern Palestine with missile.

The missile is reported to be a Kornet anti-tank and Israeli regime put all hospitals on alert.