Official confirms explosion at Iranian launch pad

Tasnim – The Iranian administration’s spokesman confirmed on Monday that an explosion has occurred at a satellite launch pad in the country’s province of Semnan, saying the incident did not cause any casualties.

In comments on Monday, Ali Rabiee said technical reasons were behind the explosion at the launch pad of a satellite carrier at the Semnan Space Center.

“Nobody has been killed in the incident,” the spokesperson said, adding that the explosion occurred during a testing operation, without any satellite being on the launch pad.

Rabiee explained that such incidents in test centers are not unusual in the world, noting that even advanced countries have experienced huge explosions in such tests in the past.

Experts maintain that the explosion was caused by a technical error, he said, dismissing reports that foreigners have been able to spy on Iranian institutions or carry out acts of sabotage.

The spokesman also derided US President Donald Trump’s hasty move to release a satellite image of the Iranian launch pad, dismissing sabotage and saying what caused the incident is clear to Iranian experts.