VP highlights failure of US economic plots against Iran

Tasnim – Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri said the US government’s plots to harm the Islamic Republic’s economy have ended in failure.

The US plots to make Iran’s economy collapse or provoke protests in the Islamic Republic have ended in failure, Jahangiri said in a conference on Saturday.

Highlighting Iran’s natural resources and great assets such as oil and gas reserves or hundreds of billions of dollars in investment in various companies, the vice president said the US is aware of such resources and also knows that it could not force the Iranian nation to surrender under sanctions.

The Iranian administration has branded the US sanctions on Tehran as an act of economic terrorism.

In comments in May, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called for stronger internal unity and mutual trust for fighting an economic war that the US has waged against the Islamic Republic, stressing that Washington could never bring Iran to its knees.

The president also stressed that the US government will abandon its hostile policies against Iran when it realizes that the sanctions have a small impact.