Iran biggest gasoline producer among OPEC members: NIOPDC chief

MNA – Chief of the National Iranian Oil Product Distribution Company (NIOPDC) announced that producing 115 million liters of gasoline, Iran is now the major producer of the product among OPEC members and also regional countries.

Iran’ average daily gasoline output level stood at 108 million liters since March 21, 2019, Alireza Sadeghabadi, who is also deputy oil minister, said.

In third Iranian month, Khordad, (May 22 to June 21) production level increased up to 110 million per day, he said.

While in the next two months, Tir (June 22- July 22) and Mordad (July 23- August 22) daily production level grew to 111 million and 112 million liters consecutively, the official added.

“Iran’s gas production level presently stands at 125 million liter per day,” according to him.