FM spox vows to use every lawful means to ensure Iranians’ rights

IRNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Sunday that the Iranian government is to take advantage of any possible lawful means to support the legitimate rights of Iranian citizens throughout the world.

In response to the question raised by reporters on sanctioning Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), the spokesman said that the propaganda of United States Department of State and Mark Dubowitz’s foundation is not a new plot as they are known for disseminating fake news.

He added that the legal consequences of putting the names of real and legal entities on sanctioning list of 2017 have been accurately and clearly declared in the law text.

Mousavi stated that it is quite evident that the US administration or affiliating bodies such as “Team B” members including FDD Foundation to resort to such propaganda to play innocent.

In response to a question regarding the results of the sanctioning FDD, he underlined that putting these individuals’ names on the list is a logical measure ignoring its tangible results.

Imposing sanctions will definitely have feasible results, he noted that the move implies that Iran not only acts lawfully but it also supports its people against the enemies.

The individuals and their accomplices are to pay the price of their measures which will not be forgettable, he said.

Mark Dubowitz has been heavily using Twitter and other social media to spread the Donald Trump Administration’s propaganda in defense of Washington’s sanctions on the Iranian nation, government and its political establishment.