Supreme Leader says next phase of Islamic revolution will be more promising

IRNA – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Wednesday highlighted the significant achievements of the Islamic revolution in various political, defense and economy fields, and said the enemy can do no wrong as the second phase of the revolution will be more promising while the enemy will suffer a much worse status.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks in a meeting with President Hassan Rouhani and his cabinet ministers.

The meeting was held in Tehran on the occasion of National Government Week which will start in Iran on August 24.

The country’s officials should never lose the chance to serve the nation and this requires collective contribution among the three branches of government.

Economy and culture are two prominent topics which should be heeded by the officials to overcome the country’s economic problems, Ayatollah Khamenei said.

To attain the goal, all should spare no efforts to get rid of dependency on oil revenues, paying due attention to key sectors such as housing, agriculture and science-based companies to uproot the poverty, the Supreme Leader said.

The government should properly identify the country’s problems and help remove them at the earliest, the Supreme Leader said.

The officials should also mind promotion of domestic production as a key in attaining such a goal, he said.

Conversion of oil driven products and its ingredients will be one of the best ways to put an end to dependency on oil revenues, the Supreme Leader said.

On cultural inroad, the Supreme Leader warned officials that we are now confronting the enemies’ plot in this sector which requires official’s vigilance in dealing with the issue.

On current development in Kashmir, the Supreme Leader expressed regret over the status of Muslims in that region, and said “we have a very good relation with Indian government, but we expect them” to adopt a fair and just policy in dealing with noble people in Kashmir and help prevent harassment on Muslims in that region.

Britons who seek continued conflicts in Kashmir, intentionally left such an old wound in the region, the Supreme Leader said.