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IRGC calls Iran’s defense capabilities ‘unrivalled’ in region

IRNA – The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) in a statement issued on Wednesday said that Iran’s defense achievements and capabilities in ground, sea and aerospace have changed the country into a top and unrivalled regional power in compare with trans-regional states.

In its statement which was released on the occasion of National Defense Industry Day, IRGC said after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran’s defense industries have entered an era demonstrating the country’s greatness, dynamism, agility and skill for fulfilling armed forces’ demands.

The statement also referred to rise in producing capacities of the IRGC in various fields such as growth in knowledge-based networks, more access to advanced systems and strategic defense technologies.

The IRGC went on to say that Iranian defensive achievement in ground, sea, and aerospace is based on modern standards which are compatible with threats against the country.

On the international scene, Iran has also been able to play strategic role in proxy wars in fight against terrorists.

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