Iran to enforce green tax

Financial Tribune – Tax will be levied on products that cause environmental damage in their manufacture or use, an official with the Iranian National Tax Administration said.

As per the budget law of the current fiscal year (March 2019-20), Mohammad Masihi added that a 2% tax will be imposed on domestically manufactured paint, coating, primer, tires, tubes, plastic and electronic toys, plastic containers, polyethylene terephthalate and melamine.

Imports of the above-mentioned products will be subject to a 3% tax, IRNA reported.

“Locally-produced light bulbs, except for SMD/LED, will be subject to a 3% tax, while a 4% tax will be levied on their imported counterparts,” he said.

“A 3% tax will be levied on domestically manufactured computers, audiovisual equipment and cellphones as well as linoleum, cellophane and nylon. Importers of these products will be required to pay a 4% tax.”

Environmental tax, also known as green tax, pollution tax or eco-tax, refers to a wide range of legislative charges on businesses and private individuals, aimed at reducing practices that harm the environment.