Karoun Power Plant to supply sustainable electricity to PEDEC

Tehran Times – Iran’s Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) plans to connect Yadavaran Oilfield to West Karun Power plant, a measure that will ensure continuous and uninterrupted production of oil in this joint field, Shana reported on Saturday.

“The Yadavaran Oilfield development project is the first project which will be powered through the West Karun Power Plant,” Hojat Norouzi, director of Yadavaran Oilfield development project at PEDEC, said.

According to Norouzi, PEDEC put it on agenda to supply the project’s electricity from the mentioned power plant in order to avoid interruptions in oil production due to electricity shortages.

The official said connecting the field to West Karun Power Plant was one of the prerequisites of the Yadavaran Oilfield development plan, adding that “After conducting necessary studies and coordination with the power plant, the required equipment were prepared and drilling of cabling channels will begins this week.”

As reported, Yadavaran Oil field development project is currently consuming 17 megawatts (MW) of electricity which is being supplied by five gas generators. Three of the five generators are in service and the other two are on standby.

In late July, PEDEC Head Touraj Dehqani said the first phase of Karoun Power Plant is nearly finished and will go operational soon.

“Uninterrupted production of oil in the West Karoun region depends on the continuous and reliable supply of electricity, which is why construction of the West Karoun Power Plant is of particular importance,” Dehqani told Shana.

“According to the plan, within the next two months, electricity supply for Yadavaran Oilfield and West Karoun Pump House would be ensured,” he said.
Yadavaran is one of the five oilfields known as West Karoun oilfields.

West Karoun region which includes five major fields namely North Azadegan, South Azadegan, North Yaran, South Yaran and Yadavaran is prioritized among the country’s top development projects.