Iran’s president urges India, Pakistan to exercise restraint over Kashmir

Tasnim – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on India and Pakistan to prevent tensions and deaths of innocent people after New Delhi stripped India-administered Kashmir of special constitutional status

In a telephone conversation with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday, Rouhani said the Islamic Republic has always made efforts to prevent tensions and unrest in the region and believed that Muslims in the disputed Kashmir region should be able to enjoy their legal rights and live in peace.

He also called on the Indian and Pakistani governments to prevent insecurity and deaths of innocent people through exercising restraint.

“The issue of Kashmir has never had a military solution and we should pursue the resolution of issues diplomatically,” Rouhani stated.

Imran Khan, for his part, said Pakistan is deeply concerned about the possible massacre of innocent people in Kashmir and the escalation of tensions in the region.

He also emphasized that Iran, as an important country in the region and the Muslim world, can play a positive role in resolving the issue of Kashmir

Kashmir has been split between India and Pakistan since partition in 1947. Both countries claim all of Kashmir and have fought three wars over the territory.

Last week, a fresh wave of tensions erupted between New Delhi and Islamabad over the disputed region after the Indian government scrapped the autonomy of Kashmir.

India dispatched thousands of additional troops to the Himalayan region in the wake of the move, declaring a strict curfew, shutting down telecommunications and internet, and arresting political leaders and pro-independence campaigners.