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Iran’s oil exports never ceased

MNA – Former Member of Iranian Parliament Abdollah Hatamian said on Saturday that Iran’s oil exports will never be halted despite US sanctions imposed against the country.

He pointed to the restrictions created for Iranian oil exports in international level and added, “the country does not have any problem in supplying its required oil products, so that oil export of the country will never stop.”

Turning to the operation and completion of production capacity of one of the new refineries of the country entitled “Persian Gulf Star Refinery (PGSR)” in Bandar Abbas, he stated, “with the coordination made, the country succeeded in attaining self-sufficiency in supply of its required gasoline, observing requirements of international EUR-5 standard.”

Despite US sanctions, Iranian oil is exported overseas at the unflinching efforts of the Ministry of Oil, he said, adding, “development projects related to the improvement of quality and quantity of oil products are underway, so that 95 percent of relevant development projects is done using domestic potentials and capabilities.”