“US should stop isolating itself and adapt to new global realities,” Zarif added.

“International commerce and power are shifting: neither Economic Terrorism against China and Iran, nor exiting INF Treaty with Russia will reverse that,” he said.

Zarif suggested on May 26 signing a non-aggression pact with Persian Gulf littoral states during his trip to Iraq. The suggested plan highlights that security in the region would be achieved via cooperation of all regional countries and a desirable and stable regional discipline is obtainable without interference of foreign countries. The plan can become operational step by step in case of building confidence among regional countries.

Some speculations indicate that Oman and Iraq are likely trying to ease tensions between Tehran and some Persian Gulf states. In this regard, Iran’s Ambassador to Kuwait also announced on July 30 that some countries have accepted to join Iran’s proposed non-aggression pact.

In addition to that, it was announced that a joint Iran-UAE Coast Guard meeting had been held in Tehran after six years and some reports indicated that two UAE banks have announced their readiness to cooperate with Iran.

Russia and Qatar also welcomed the proposal in June.