Gov’t spox: Sanctions on Zarif indicate Iran’s policy penetration in US

IRNA – Iranian Government spokesman Ali Rabie described the US fear from Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as sign of their weakness, saying sanctions indicated that Iranian diplomacy is penetrating in the US society.

The US act to shut Iran’s voice showed that in spite of some claims, Iranian diplomacy has the capacity of penetrating the American society, Rabie wrote on his Twitter account.

US’ phobia of Zarif indicated their weakness of diplomacy and real negotiations, he added.

Any Iranian person who questions foundation of sanctions by relying on his academic knowledge and media skills, is regarded as an ambassador, a Zarif and a harbinger of peace and Iranians’ extensive interaction with world, he noted.

The US Department of the Treasury on Wednesday imposed sanctions against Iranian Foreign Minister.

Zarif, who has been Iran’s foreign minister since 2013, was the chief negotiator in the multinational nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Earlier speaking to New York Times, Zarif said “Everyone who knows me knows that I, or my family, do not own any property outside Iran. I personally do not even have a bank account outside Iran. Iran is my entire life and my sole commitment. So I have no personal problem with possible sanctions.”

He added: “The only impact–and possibly the sole objective–of a possible designation would be to limit my ability to communicate. And I doubt that would serve anyone. Certainly, it would limit the possibility of informed decision making in Washington.”