24 tons of uranium enriched since JCPOA, says Iranian official

IRNA – Iran has enriched 24 tons of uranium since the nuclear deal was signed, an Iranian lawmaker quoted the country’s nuclear organization chief as saying in the parliament on Sunday.

s said that head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran told a group of MPs that Iran has enriched 24 tons of uranium since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was implemented. He rejected the report that the amount was 300 kilograms.

The nuclear deal was singed by Iran on one side and the five permanent members of United Nations Security Council in 2015, and was implemented in 2016. The US withdrew from the deal in May 2018. Under the deal, Iran agreed to curb its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief.

He has also said, according to the lawmaker, that the West’s problem with Iran will not be solved even if Iran alleviates the nuclear issue as their problem is political and ideological.

Salehi has also said that the nuclear industry of Iran belongs to the future generations as the fossil fuel reservoirs deplete.

The nuclear energy has a significant share in the country’s energy basket with each 1,000 megawatt nuclear electricity will lead to save 11 million barrels of oil and 7 million tons of gas emission reduction, the lawmaker quoted Salehi.

The Iranian nuclear organization chief has also presented a report on country’s advances in various nuclear fields such as exploration, isotopic treatment, enrichment and manufacturing advanced machinery.