Iran dams are emptying, again

Financial Tribune – The amount of water stored in dams has dwindled by 9% between May 22 and June 22.

Dams across the country held 40.6 billion cubic meters of water in May, but the level fell to 37.3 bcm in June, down 9%.

Dams were 82% full in May but now are 75% full. In 2018 the storage level was 45%.

Since the beginning of the current water year last September, the volume of water flowing into the dams has reached 84 bcm. The figure was as low as 24 bcm last year. Referring to water flowing out of the dams, IRNA said the volume increased by 191%, reaching 67 bcm.

Iran registered significant improvement in rainfall in March and April when precipitation in most provinces exceeded the average in 50 years.