FM spokesman details release of Iranian oil tanker by Saudi Arabia

MNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi has given details on the return of an Iranian oil tanker that broke down off Jeddah port early in May by Saudi Arabia.

Yesterday, after two and half months, Saudi authorities allowed the Iranian oil tanker ‘Happiness’, all its crew and two other ships to leave Jeddah to return to Iran.

Today, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi gave an explanation of the return of ‘Happiness 1′ to Iran by Saudi Arabia, saying that the release took place after repairing its technical problem as a result of related Iranian authorities’ follow-up efforts.

Mousavi added that an injured crew member of another Iranian ship named as ‘Saviz’,was sent to Oman on Saturday July 20 by Saudi authorities and then returned home after he received medical treatment at Saudi Jizan hospital,

The spokesman referred to the severed diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, saying “the two issues were pursued via various diplomatic channels. We thank countries of Switzerland and Oman as well as the relevant authorities in Saudi Arabia for providing the necessary services and facilities in relation to the two issues.”

According to the report published earlier this month by Mehr, Saudi Arabia demanded as much as $ 200,000 per day for repairing the technical problem of Happiness and maintenance reasons and would refuse the tanker, its crew and two other ships that had been dispatched to return the broken down oil tanker to leave Jeddah port despite settling the payments by Iran.