Iran denies closure of Fordow nuclear site

Tasnim – Spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi dismissed reports of closure of the country’s Fordow nuclear site, saying the facility is conducting research on vacuum systems used to enrich uranium.

In comments on Saturday, Kamalvandi quashed rumors about the closure of Fordow, saying the center is open and the national vacuum engineering and technology center is doing research and development activities on vacuum valves used for enriching uranium in Fordow.

“The vacuum valves are utilized in complicated nuclear industries, and American nuclear analyst David Albright has also acknowledged the progress of this technology (in Iran) is his recent report,” Kamalvandi added.

He also highlighted Iran’s advances in the quantum technology, saying the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran is entering the “gates of technological revolution in the world”, namely quantum sciences.

In July 2018, Iran inaugurated the first laboratory for quantum entanglement in the National Laser Center.

In recent years, Iranian scientists have made remarkable progress in the field of peaceful nuclear technology despite the sanctions imposed by the West.

On April 9, Iran marked the National Nuclear Technology Day by unveiling 114 new achievements of the country’s nuclear scientists.