Nasrallah: Region to get involved if any war imposed on Iran

IRNA – Secretary General of Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement Hassan Nasrallah said If any war happens against Iran, all region will be involved and the US will not be definitely the one who finishes the war.

Nasrallah made the remarks in a meeting with Special Assistant to the Speaker of Parliament (Majlis) of Iran Hossein Amir Abdollahian.

He appreciated Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, people and government’s firm and effective supports for establishing peace and security in the region, especially in Lebanon.

As the Supreme Leader said the US is not able to impose military war against Iran, he said, adding that White House knows that the entire region will be affected if any war starts against Iran.

Commenting on Palestine issue, he said Resistance is strongest option for standing against Zionists’ crimes, aggression and excessive demands.

He noted that Iran’s political and democratic plan on holding referendum among all historic residents of Palestine and with the attendance of all religions namely Muslims, Christians and Jews is realistic and logical.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Nasrallah described Zionists as cause of corruption and insecurity in the region.

Meanwhile, Amir Abdollahian congratulated the anniversary of Lebanon victory in 33-year war, and discussed the latest regional and international developments and the bilateral political and parliamentary relations between Tehran and Beirut.