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China urges US to stop pressures on Iran

IRNA – A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson referred to the US pressures on Iran as escalating tensions in the region and urged Washington to stop these pressures against Tehran.

Speaking in a press conference, Geng Shuang said China believes that full implementation of Iran nuclear deal as binding resolution of the United Nations Security Council would be the only realistic and effective way for solving the nuclear issue and de-escalating tensions.

Beijing called on all parties to practice self-restraint and to pave the way for preserving this joint agreement through negotiations, he added.

He noted that all sides should be committed to Iran deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

He also described as positive signal, remarks made by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as regard possibility of holding talks with US if they remove sanctions.

It indicates that Iran is willing to refrain from tensions and to solve the issue through diplomacy, Shuang reiterated.

He expressed hope that the United States would give positive response to Iran’s request, stop false acts like imposing maximum pressure on Iran, not to impede implementation of the nuclear deal and respect all signatories’ rights.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Chinese diplomat urged the US to modify its false sanction against Chinese firms and to respect all sides’ rights.

China’s stance is clear as regard non-proliferation, he said, adding that China is against any activity which is based on developing nuclear weapons.

Shuang stressed that China is committed to maintaining international cooperation with regard to non-proliferation in the framework of mutual respect, equality and fulfilling interests.

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