ELECOMP opens in Tehran

IRNA – The 25th International Exhibition of Electronics, Computers and e-Commerce (Elecomp 2019) started with the participation of Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi in Tehran on Thursday.

Having the motto of “Better Future”, the exhibition has different sections, including ELECOMP stars, ELECOMP trends, and ELECOMP games.

ELECOMP is the greatest commercial event in Iran’s Market of Electronics and Computer Products and services. Since its first edition in 1995, numerous players of this stage in Iran have introduced their latest achievements in software and hardware in ELECOMP every year, wrote the official website of the exhibition.

The event provides a unique opportunity for the activists of this sector to negotiate the possibilities of establishing new business and technological ties to boost their business and increase their share of this huge and ever growing market.

The government of Iran which is potentially among the biggest customers of this market, especially because of its plans for deployment of Electronic Government, is strongly promoting presence of Iran’s electronic and computer business in international scenes and markets.

It is expected that this edition of ELECOMP (being held on July 18-21, 2019) will provide an exceptional opportunity for the activists of this sector inside the country and abroad, to boost their business through establishing strong business links with their counterparts and equip themselves with the proper gear to effective presence and in this huge market.