FM spox acknowledges Iranians concern over Sheikh Zakzaki fate

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman acknowledged Iranians concern and sympathy with Nigerian religious leader Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzak languishing in prison.

In his Twitter message, Abbas Mousavi emphasized the fact that it is not necessary for the diplomatic apparatus to proclaim its activities aiming to help relieve the tense situation surrounding the religious leader.

He expressed hope for good news to come out, saying less publicity about the diplomatic efforts does not mean impracticality.

Some of the students of Tehran University gathered in front of Iranian Foreign Ministry on Monday to show their protest on continuation of Zakzaki’s arrest.

Nigerian security forces attacked a Husseiniya in the city of Zaria in 2015. They also attacked Leader of Nigerian Islamic Movement Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaki’s house and wounded him severely before arresting him.

Over 1000 people were wounded and killed during the attack while 350 of them were buried in mass graves.

Nigerian forces also killed three of Sheikh El Zakzaki’s children in 2014.