Countries of region providing security for waterways: Gov’t spokesman

IRNA – Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei underlined that security of region’s waterways is maintained by the regional countries.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday concerning the Iranian tanker seizure at the Strait of Gibraltar, the official noted, “We are pursuing legal measures for the Iranian tanker seized by British troops; essentially, the Gibraltar trial and the actions taken are influenced by the policies of the British government and they are not real and, fortunately, the court itself did not get solid documents and released the crew.

The government spokesman highlighted, “Of course, based on the evidence and Iran’s legal measures set forth, as well as the recent remarks by the British, it can be predicted that they would give up because the destination of the ship is not where the British announced.

Rabiei went on to say that the European Union does not have the same views and reactions to stop the tanker with the British, and the British have remained alone in this matter. They have said they want to send a warship to the region, but our advice is to allow regional states to protect security for waterways and shipping routes, rather than deploying a warship.

The spokesman for the government said about the US President’s attitudes towards Iran, “Today, Trump has backed out his 12 conditions for negotiating with Iran, and only says that Iran should not produce weapons of mass destruction while we have also repeatedly stated that production, maintenance and use of these weapons are condemned by the Islamic Republic of Iran; Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization, had already responded that they are seeking excuses for what they say.