Iran-US tension to send 3m Afghans to Europe: Luxembourg FM

IRNA – The foreign minister of Luxembourg warned against influx of about three million Afghan refugees living in Iran to Europe if there even a small clash takes place between Iranian and American military forces.

If there is a small clash between the Iranian and the US military forces, the situation for three million Afghan refugees living in Iran will worsen and due to the chaos in Afghanistan, many of them will not return to their homeland, said Jean Asselborn speaking to the German N-TV television channel.

Asselborn said that many of them will travel to Europe through Turkey, which will once again cause a huge problem for the European Union.

He said that US President Donald Trump made a big mistake by pulling out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) weakening the deal.

The Luxembourg foreign minister said that the 2015 accord could bring more security for Europe and the entire world.

He said that Iran has been committed to the deal so far and wanted the Iranian officials to proceed with honoring their commitment to the JCPOA.