Construction of joint satellite for peaceful purposes priority for APSCO: Minister

IRNA – Minister of Communication and Information Technology pointed to the need for the exchange of space knowledge among the member countries of Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO).

Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi called on the organization to put building the telecommunication satellites and joint assessment for peaceful and humanitarian purposes on the agenda.

Azari Jahromi, who traveled to China to attend the World Economic Forum, called “Davos Summer “, on Wednesday, in a meeting with the Secretary General of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) underscored on the role of universities and knowledge-based companies in the development of space cooperation.

The 2019 Davos Summer was held for three days with the presence of two thousand researchers, commercial and economic affairs officials, senior politicians and senior officials from various countries, including Iran, in the Dalian port city of China.

At the meeting of the Secretary General of the Organization, the Iranian official referred to the favorable cooperation between Iran and APSCO, and called for increased cooperation in various fields, such as joint training, technical and spatial events.

Referring to the role of the space industry in meeting the needs of Iran in areas such as the environment, combating natural disasters, increasing productivity in agriculture and managing water resources, he emphasized the strengthening of practical cooperation between Iran and APSCO to meet the above needs.

“The development of applications of the space industry in different sectors, in addition to the scientific development of this field, can bring operational benefits to people’s lives and business boom.” Azeri Jahromi emphasized

Pointing to the important role of entering the growth of startups in space, the Iranian minister suggested to the secretary-general of the organization to use the organization’s capacity to create better communication between the startups in the member states.

The Iranian high ranking official announced Iran’s readiness to review the hosting of the first startup event with the support of APSCO, and urged the organization to pursue the proposal on an initiative basis.