US sanctions clear example of economic terrorism

MNA – Iranian Deputy Minister of Justice Mahmoud Abbassi has described the US sanctions as in violation of countries’ rights to economic development, adding that such sanctions are a clear example of economic terrorism.

The Human Rights and international Affairs deputy of the Minister of Justice Mahmoud Abbassi made the comments in a conference dubbed “American Human Rights, Terrorism and Sanctions,” on Wednesday in Tehran.

Abbassi said that according to the UN Human Rights Council, blocking the assets of other countries is a crime.

He added that US sanctions have disrupted global trade and even affected other economies.

The deputy minister also said that in the United Nations Charter, sanctions are intended to resolve international disputes, while they are used by the United States to exercise power.

One of the goals of the United Nations is to maintain international peace, and the sanctions should be minimal, even if they are to be used by the United Nations, he continued.

He further added that according to UN rules, if sanctions are not effective in resolving international disputes, they should be lifted. Unilateral sanctions against a country are also contrary to the peaceful coexistence of nations.

The deputy minister went on to point out that Iran has sent a letter to the UN Child Rights Committee on violations of the rights of Iranian children by American sanctions, noting that the United States is the only country in the world that is not a member of this committee.

Abbassi called for launching an international campaign against the negative impacts of US sanctions on children suffering from certain diseases.