INSTEX falls short of fulfilling EU’s 11 JCPOA commitments

MNA – Referring to the recent JCPOA meeting held among E3/EU and Iran, Iranian Foreign Ministry Mohammd Javad Zarif said that “in the meeting, Europeans vowed to fulfill 11 commitments, none of which is related to INSTEX.”

As he told on the sideline of cabinet meeting to reporters, in that meeting, Europeans promised to cooperate with Iran with its oil sales, return of oil revenues, investments, transportation and shipping.

He underlined that the 11 commitments are under the Appendix 2 of JCPOA but Europeans’ measures in this regard have not been satisfactory for Iran.

“The European side has announced that the transactions are underway via INSTEX but we should ask the private sector about the level of transactions,” he added.

Zarif reiterated that Iran will remain committed to JCPOA as long as Europeans do the same, adding that the level of Iran’s commitment will match the level of Europeans’.

“We have decided to stop observing the JCPOA limit of 3.6 percent, but we will decide about the enrichment level according to Iran’s requirements and necessities,” the Iranian FM said.

Iran has given EU until July 7 to live up to its commitments, before the Islamic Republic starts on the second stage of its JCPOA measures, which includes increasing the level of enrichment.