Health tourism in Iran, a proven success

ISNA – According to the statistics released by international organizations, the number of international travelers has reached to more than one and a half billion people; the travelers who travel to foreign countries for a variety of purposes. Medical tourism is the target of a significant part of these travelers. The part which is increasing day by day and various countries all around the world are tending to become the first medical tourism destination by implementing various plans.

In the past decade, along with familiar names such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany which has been the medical tourism destinations because of a long-time advanced medical service providing, we have come up with the new names lately. Countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey, etc. These countries which despite offering qualified medical and cosmetic services lead the patients to pay for a much lower cost have had an incredible impact on attracting medical tourists during the last decade.

Among the mentioned countries, Iran not only offers medical and therapeutic services at much more affordable prices but also by being a pioneer in the field of cosmetic surgeries had been won over a lot of medical tourists. This country, which annually hosts more than 500,000 foreign patients, is the pioneer in the field of cosmetic surgeries all around the world. Nose job in Iran is one of the most popular reasons for medical tourists who choose this country as their destination. Hair transplant, eye surgery, weight-loss surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, and fertility treatments are among the other popular treatments and surgeries in Iran.

Scientific and medical innovation, technological advances and the development of health infrastructures in Iran during the recent years were so impressive that has attracted the whole world’s attention to itself. These items, along with the low costs of therapeutic and cosmetic surgeries, have made Iran the first destination for the health tourists. For example, hair transplant in Iran is carried out by the latest medical techniques and methods. The applicants can choose their preferred method of hair regrowth between FUT, FIT, mix, etc. methods.
Rhinoplasty in Iran

If you have chosen Iran as your destination for rhinoplasty, you need to know that you’re traveling to the capital of rhinoplasty in all around the world. Rhinoplasty in Iran has the highest average annual rate among all countries in the world. Apart from the health tourists, the Iranians are also interested in rhinoplasty. This has led to an increase in the number of experienced doctors, specialized clinics, and the quality of health care services.

Rhinoplasty in Iran begins with the friendly and specialized consultation with the doctor. At the end of the meeting, the patient will have a better idea of the outcome of their surgery. The new technologies, taking into account age, gender, and race, help you to get the best possible outcome.

In addition to the technological innovations and expert doctors, the cost of a nose job in Iran is also incredible. The agencies providing medical tourism services, plan a complete trip for rhinoplasty in Iran in seven days. This package includes treatment visa, hotel, transfers, doctor’s visit, the surgery, the post-operative care, and the revision, which will eventually cost less than half of the cost of this surgery in the United States or Europe.
Hair transplant in Iran

Hair transplant in Iran has made remarkable progress over the past years. All new methods of hair transplant are carried out in Iran. FIT, FUT, and SUT are the most popular methods of this cosmetic surgery in Iran.

The whole hair transplant surgeries are performed in subspecialty clinics with VIP rooms and the newest technologies of this field. Apart from the method of hair transplant, you can choose the final style of your hair and the manner of hair extension line. The whole suggested patterns by your doctor are also designed to fit the special shape of your head and the result will be completely natural.

Hair transplant in Iran is not limited only to the hair and bread and mustache transplant in Iran are also among your options. The costs of hair transplant just like rhinoplasty have a significant difference with the similar surgeries in the United States or Europe. The usual cost would be around one-third of the cost of the same surgery in the United States and a bit less than half of the cost of this surgery in European countries.