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Export from Sarakhs, northeastern Iran doubles

Drivers chat while waiting for their trucks to be loaded with fresh fruits and vegetable in the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya, Turkey, November 30, 2015. (Reuters)

IRNA – Iran’s export through the railways of Sarakhs, northeastern Iran, to the Central Asian countries doubled in the past three months of the Iranian year, starting on March 20, said the head of Khorasan Railways.

“The cargo exported from Sarakhs reached 317 tons,” said Mostafa Nasiri.

Nasiri added that Khorasan Razavi province has the first rank in exports through railway with about 77% of the whole country.

He also added that the infrastructure of the province’s Shahid Motahhari Station have improved in a way that the capacity to load and unload the cargo has reached from 50 to 250 simultaneous cars.

He added that cement has the biggest share of the export from Sarakhs with 81%.

Nasiri said that Uzbekistan stands first with 84% of import from Iran through Sarakhs; Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan stand second and third.

He added that Railway exchange of Iran takes place through two border points in Sarakhs and Incheburon in Golestan province.

Nasiri also said that the export and import through Sarakhs railways reached more than two million tons in the past Iranian year (starting March 20, 2018) and the goods transited through the cities railways reached 1.274 million tons, setting a new record.

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