Official: China complying with its commitment to Arak reactor

IRNA – Director general of the Department of Arms Control of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Fu Cong said that China is complying with its commitments to Arak reactor.

“China will also go forward at full speed with respect to the Arak nuclear reactor project,” Fu Cong said according to the Chinese media.

He added: “Iran has sent a “clear and loud” message that it will stay in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.”

“The Chinese-led initiative to redesign Iranian heavy water reactor in Arak is aimed at minimizing its plutonium production and avoid production of weapons-grade plutonium,” he noted.

He said that all parties agreed to set up a working group to explore how to deal with the excess of the production of low-grade uranium by Iran.

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said that full and effective implementation of JCPOA based on the UN resolution 2231 is the only way to deescalate tension in the Middle East and ensure global common interests.

Referring to the participation of the Foreign Ministry’s Department of Arms Control held in Vienna on Friday, he told the reporters that China as a party to JCPOA will continue to defend the agreement and will strive for its implementation.

China defends peace and security in the Middle East as well as rights of the parties to deal, he reiterated.

The 12th meeting of JCPOA Arbitral Joint Commission was held on Friday at the level of deputy foreign ministers of Iran and Group 4+1 in Vienna.

The meeting discussed full implementation of JCPOA and exchanging views on ways of countering challenges from the US exit from the deal and imposing sanctions on Iran.