Germany not able to sell vital medicines to Iran due to lack of money transfer: German MP

MNA – “In September 2018, EU foreign ministers announced that they would rescue the nuclear agreement with a package of measures. But nothing has happened, “Omid Nouripour.

Thus, financial transactions are vital for Iran. “At present, for example, German pharmaceutical companies cannot sell life-saving medicines to Iran because money transfers are blocked to settle payments,” said the Green Party politician. “If the EU still wants to save the agreement, it has to readjust it very quickly,” he added.

Trump administration unilaterally withdrew from Iran nuclear deal last year in May and re-imposed its secondary sanctions, which have proven to be ineffective to bring Iran back to the negotiating to renegotiate a new deal. Iran has said that it would resume high-level uranium enrichment if the other parties to the deal do not fulfill their commitments by a 60-day deadline that expires in less than two weeks.

In continuation of hostile anti-Iran policies, the US President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday imposing new sanctions against Iran in response to Tehran’s downing of an American drone last week.