Iran English language newspaper headlines on Monday, 24-6-2019

Iran Daily

Rouhani: US drone’s intrusion stokes tensions

President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday said the United States is stoking tensions in the Persian Gulf through the violation of Iran’s airspace by a US military drone, which Tehran shot down.

Report: Trump complains his aides trying to push him into war with Iran

US President Donald Trump has reportedly complained that his closest advisers “want to push [the US] into a war” with Iran, following his decision to cancel military strikes against Iran.

Trump says will be Iran’s ‘best friend,’ thanks for not downing US plane

US President Donald Trump said that he would be Iran’s “best friend” and that the Islamic republic could be a “wealthy” country if it stopped pursuing nuclear weapons.

North Korean leader gets ‘excellent’ letter from US president

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un received a personal letter of “excellent content” from US President Donald Trump, the country’s state media said Sunday, amid a nuclear deadlock between Pyongyang and Washington.

Kharrazi: Iran serious in JCPOA decision unless Europe moves

Head of Iran’s Foreign Policy Strategic Council Kamal Kharrazi said that Tehran is serious in its decision to reduce compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal if the European countries don’t take serious steps to preserve the deal.

Iraq seeks air defense cooperation with Iran

Iraq called for enhanced cooperation with neighboring Iran in the area of air defense.

Zarif: B-Team tried to trap Trump into war with Iran

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a message on Sunday provided more evidence with regards to the US recent drone aggression to Iran’s airspace, saying that economic terrorism brings tension.

Tehran Times

No more passport stamps for foreign nationals visiting Iran

Iranian President Has-san Rouhani has issued an order for the waiver of physical stamping on travelers’ passports upon entering or leaving the country.

Tehran says will take legal action against U.S. violation of airspace

Laya Joneidi, the vice president for legal affairs, has de-nounced the U.S. move to deploy a spy drone into Iranian airspace as a “violation of international law”, saying the Islamic Republic will take legal action against Washington for violating Iran’s airspace.

The nations of the region cope with the deal of century: al- Wefaq

Assistant Secretary-General of Bahrain’s prominent opposition group, Al-Wefaq, called for cope with the deal of century.

With Iran, Trump wants to be arsonist and firefighter

Providing his excellence once again at serving as an arsonist and the leader of the fire brigade at the same time, President Donald Trump, who has been publicly spoiling for a military scrap with Iran, took credit this morning for both ordering a military strike on three of the country’s military installations and then canceling the mission 10 minutes before go time. Crisis averted!

Yemeni forces shoot down 3rd Saudi-led spy drone

Yemeni army forces, supported by allied fighters from Popular Committees, have intercepted and targeted another unmanned aerial vehiclebelonging to the Saudi-led military coalition in the skies over Saudi Arabia’s south-western border region of Najran inretaliation forthe alliance’s atrocious military aggression against their impoverished country.

Iranian MPs support IRGC for downing invading U.S. drone

A large number of Iranian MPs issued a statement on Sunday supporting the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) for its action in shooting down a U.S. drone which violated Iran’s airspace.

Rouhani: Most intl. problems rooted in U.S. unilateralism

Iranian President Hassan Rou-hani said on Sunday that most of the problems the world is facing today are rooted in U.S. unilateralism and violation of international law by Washington.

Britain’s repeated words

Kamal Kharrazi, chief of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, said on Sunday that Iran is serious about decisions related to the 2015 nuclear deal and will take new steps after the 60-day deadline.