Trump’s national security adviser Bolton warns Iran: US military ‘ready to go’

Sputnik – Bolton arrived in Israel after US President Donald Trump claimed he had “stopped” an airstrike against the Islamic Republic on Thursday night just ten minutes before it was slated to occur.

“Neither Iran nor any other hostile actor should mistake US prudence and discretion for weakness”, US National Security Adviser John Bolton said ahead of a meeting with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, adding that the American military “is rebuilt new and ready to go”.

He also confirmed that Washingtom would continue imposing sanctions on Tehran, stressing that the US reserves the right to attack it at a later point, because the US president had only “stopped the strike from going forward at this time”.

The new crisis in relations between Iran and the US ignited after Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps had shot down a surveillance drone over the Strait of Hormuz. According to them, the UAV has crossed the Iranian border, while the US military insists the aircraft was operating in international airspace.

Addressing the issue, Trump said that Iran was “very wise” for not hitting a manned aircraft accompanying the UAV, noting that new sanctions against Tehran would take effect on Monday.