Envoy: How US expects Iran to respect the “worst deal”

IRNA – Iranian Ambassador to London said on Tuesday that how the US Administration expects Iran to respect the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action when it withdrew from and declared it as the “worst deal of history”.

“So the question is that it is very funny that the United States and its administration which has characterized the JCPOA as the worst agreement of the history now they are expecting that Iran would be fully committed with this agreement,” Hamid Baeidinejad said in an interview with CNN.

He added: “If it is a funny agreement, if it is the worst deal ever made in the history how come that you expect Iran would be fully committed to this agreement.”

“We have announced very clearly that either we would have a full commitment to the agreement or as designed by the JCPOA itself this agreement can be partially implemented,” he noted.

Referring to what Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani as moratorium to JCPOA signatories, he said: “We announced 40 days ago that we have decided to suspend two of the measures designed in the JCPOA.”

“we are not committed anymore to the level designed by the JCPOA but we said that we give you 60 days if you rectify the problems and you would implement to your commitments,” Baeidinejad reiterated.

“If you agree that there is a partial agreement, Iran is entitled to suspend some of the measures until the situation is clear.”

Reacting to what Iranian senior officials said with regard to US attempts to stop Iran oil exports, Iranian diplomat said: “We have two points first of all they are misusing the statement made before by our president and the foreign minister. We said that if Iran would not be allowed to export oil from the Persian Gulf, we would take measure to ensure that other countries cannot do the same but we are not at that stage yet.”

“So if it would be zero and we would not be able to export our oil transported from the region that would be a new situation and we have the courage to announce very clearly that we would not allow the others also to do the same,” Baeidinejad stressed.

“The question is what this assessment is based on, you can have your assessment and the people on the street can have their assessment.” He said referring to US claims on having assessment and intelligence.

“Assessment is reliable when it is based on evidence on the fact,” he reiterated.

“We have not been facing with any kind of evidences or facts till now and we would be delighted as the international experts have called for the United States that they would show and they would in fact publish the complete footage of what they have before the incident and after the incident and not really to publish only a distorted one,” he said.

“We are very determined to help everybody if they have proofs if they have intelligence or information,” Baeidinejad said pointing to Iran as a country which is sensitive to the security and peace and has the longest shores in the Persian Gulf.

For much of the interview, Iranian ambassador said: “We would be delighted that those information and intelligence would be shared at the international level because this world is different from the older world when the big powers can make decision behind the doors now the media and the international research organizations and the international people have the legitimate interest to know about the facts and factual events.”

“We should see who has the interest to disrupt the security in the region. You know that there are countries in the region and beyond the region who have invested heavily billions and billions of dollars to trap the United States into a military conflict with Iran.”

There are elements in the region and beyond that in fact they would create a situation that the United States would be dragged into a military [confrontation].

“I don’t know about the strategy of the US but I am sure that this is a scenario that some people are very forcefully working on it that they would drag the United States into a confrontation,” he said.

He urged Washington to be very careful not to underestimate the Iranian determination that if they would be wrongly entering into a conflict they would be very sorry about that.

The 23 crew members of the ship have been transferred from Jask to Bandar Abbas, he said adding that they will head for Dubai based on Maritime Labour Convention (MLC).

44 sailors of the two foreign oil tankers which were hit by explosions in the Sea of Oman ،on Thursday morning were rescued by an Iranian vessel in coordination with Hormuzgan’s maritime search and rescue center.

They were transported to Jask Port in the east of the southern Iranian province of Hormuzgan as Iran’s humanitarian gesture.

The two tankers, the Marshal Islands-flagged and the Panama-flagged, were on their ways to Taiwan and Singapore from Qatar and Saudi Arabia, respectively.